Star Trek through the years

Star Trek through the years (synchronized version)

To celebrate Thanksgiving Day, the Kaohsung branch office of “American Institute in Taiwan” invited William Henry Curry, the conductor from North Carolina Symphony, to perform several well-known music pieces with Kaohsiung City Symphony Orchestra on Nov. 15, 2009. “Star Trek through the years” was the third piece among the following repertoire: 1. S.L. Rosenbaus (arr): Oklahoma! 2. Gershwin: Summertime 3. Goldsmith/C. Custer (arr): Star Trek through the Years 4. John Williams: Theme from E.T. 5. John Williams: Raiders March 6. William Henry Curry: Eulogy for a Dream 7. A. Dvorak: Symphony No.9 in e minor Op.95 “The New World”

3 pensieri su “Star Trek through the years

  1. The Human Adventure is Just Beginning”

    50 years of Star Trek! 50 years of memorable characters, interesting stories, iconic ships, and 50 years of classic music. This is my tribute to the fantastic music that has accompanied all the adventures from 1966 to today.

    The music presented is not in any particular order, just what I felt made a good transition from one to another. I started out inspired by an old MIDI medley I’ve had since back in the 90’s, and used that as a starting point, updating it to reflect all 6 TV series and 13 movies. I hope you enjoy this symphonic medley celebrating 50 years and beyond for Star Trek.

    Note to viewers: This is NOT a music video. This is primarily an audio piece. If you like this and my other suites, give it a like, share the video with others and subscribe if you haven’t – there are more on the way!

    Music From:
    0:00​ – Star Trek: The Original Series by Alexander Courage
    1:26​ – Star Trek: The Animated Series by Ray Ellis
    2:25​ – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine by Dennis McCarthy
    4:17​ – Star Trek: The Next Generation “The Inner Light” by Jay Chattaway
    5:35​ – Star Trek: First Contact by Jerry Goldsmith
    7:41​ – Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan by James Horner
    9:17​ – Star Trek III: The Search for Spock by James Horner
    11:11​ – Star Trek: Nemesis by Jerry Goldsmith
    12:56​ – Star Trek Into Darkness by Michael Giacchino
    15:26​ – Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (PC game) by Ron Jones
    18:27​ – Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country by Cliff Eidelman
    22:03​ – Star Trek V: The Final Frontier by Jerry Goldsmith
    23:48​ – Star Trek: Insurrection by Jerry Goldsmith
    26:18​ – Star Trek: The Motion Picture “Ilia’s Theme” by Jerry Goldsmith
    27:45​ – Star Trek Beyond by Michael Giacchino
    30:26​ – Star Trek: Enterprise by Dennis McCarthy
    32:12​ – Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home by Leonard Rosenman
    33:49​ – Star Trek (2009) by Michael Giacchino
    36:23​ – Star Trek: Generations by Dennis McCarthy
    38:01​ – Star Trek: Voyager by Jerry Goldsmith
    39:20​ – Star Trek: The Motion Picture by Jerry Goldsmith
    39:59​ – Star Trek The Next Generation by Jerry Goldsmith (arr. by Dennis McCarthy)

  2. Star Trek Mega Suite 1: Space, The Final Frontier [Extended Cut]
    Way back in 2010 when I started this Star Trek Mega Suite project, there wasn’t nearly as much Star Trek music available as there is now. When I started with Star Trek: Enterprise in the first suite, there was only the “Broken Bow” CD and a few rare promo CDs out there. However, in the last several years we’ve been fortunate to see expanded/complete soundtracks for all the movies and several large collections of music from the Star Trek television series. Ever since, I’ve wanted to return to this suite and do an extended cut with better transitions.

    Star Trek: Enterprise is a great show that really grew on me, with I think some of the best music produced for a Star Trek television show. With this extended cut, I wanted to feature music from all four seasons, from Broken Bow to These Are The Voyages. As before, the suite starts with First Contact, then transitions to Enterprise, then a hint of the 2009 Star Trek theme to represent the briefly glimpsed Kelvin era, and finally the amazing Star Trek medley Dennis McCarthy ended the series on.

    I hope you guys enjoy this new extended version. If you still want to listen to the original version, I’m leaving it up (I’m not going to pull a George Lucas and make it unavailable for those that prefer it). Before anyone asks, no, I don’t have any plans to extend any of the other Star Trek suites at this time, it was really just this one I wanted to do.

    Music From:
    0:00​ – Star Trek: First Contact by Jerry Goldsmith
    Star Trek: Enterprise
    5:09​ ; 10:39​ ; 12:51​ ; 25:09​ — “Broken Bow” by Dennis McCarthy
    7:05​ — “First Flight” by Paul Baillargeon
    8:54​ — “Archer’s Theme/End Credits” by Dennis McCarthy
    11:39​ ; 55:39​ ; 57:31​ — “These Are The Voyages” by Dennis McCarthy
    13:16​ ; 17:10​ ; 19:39​; 23:02​ — “Horizon” by Mark McKenzie
    14:56​ — “Dear Doctor” by David Bell
    18:28​ — “Silent Enemy” by Velton Ray Bunch
    20:04​ — “Shockwave, Part I” by Dennis McCarthy
    24:21​ — “Regeneration” by Dennis McCarthy
    28:04​ — “The Expanse” by Dennis McCarthy
    30:18​ — “Impulse” by Dennis McCarthy
    32:15​ — “Twilight” by Dennis McCarthy
    34:16​ — “Similitude” by Velton Ray Bunch
    36:20​ — “Zero Hour” by Jay Chattaway
    42:39​ — “Storm Front, Part I” by Jay Chattaway
    45:26​ — “Storm Front, Part II” by Dennis McCarthy
    49:38​ ; 52:23​ — “The Augments” by Velton Ray Bunch
    51:26​ — “Bound” by Jay Chattaway
    52:53​ — “Terra Prime” by Jay Chattaway
    56:57​ – Star Trek (2009) by Michael Giacchino
    Star Trek Fanfare by Alexander Courage

  3. Star Trek Mega Suite 2: These Are The Voyages

    Part 2 finally arrives! Thanks to all of you that have been waiting patiently, I appreciate all the likes, comments and subscriptions. This piece covers The Original Series and The Motion Picture.

    This suite was one of the more difficult ones for me. On the one hand, TOS has some great and memorable themes and motifs that I really wanted to use. On the other hand, it’s difficult to transition from the “tone” of that music into TMP.

    While I tried to feature a lot of familar themes, there were many more I didn’t include. This was meant as merely a suite that is evocative of The Original Series as a whole, rather than specific scenes or episodes. However, I do have some ideas for other suites that could feature some of the themes I left out – for example, I’m considering a Vulcan/Spock medley, which would certainly feature the famous Amok Time fight music. Similarly, the TMP Klingon theme would go into a Klingon medley. Ultimately I decided against including Animated Series music because it was non-canon, a little corny sounding, and not many good clean tracks exist.

    Note to viewers: This is NOT a music video. The still image is just for something appropriate to look at, but this is primarily an audio piece.

    Music From:
    – Star Trek The Original Series “Main Title” by Alexander Courage
    — “The Cage/The Menagerie” by Alexander Courage (Symphonic Star Trek)
    — “Where No Man Has Gone Before” by Alexander Courage
    — “Amok Time” by Gerald Fried
    — “The Doomsday Machine” by Sol Kaplan
    — “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” by Fred Steiner
    — “By Any Other Name” by Fred Steiner
    — “Mirror, Mirror” by Fred Steiner
    — “Balance of Terror” by Fred Steiner
    — “The Corbomite Maneuver” by Fred Steiner
    — “The Empath” by George Duning

    – Star Trek The Motion Picture by Jerry Goldsmith
    Symphonic Star Trek (album)
    Star Trek Fanfare by Alexander Courage


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