The Northerner Diaries

Jeremy Soule – The Northerner Diaries

Jeremy Soule (The Northerner Diaries) — Njól [Extended, 90 Min.]


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The first track on the album and the most requested
All credit to Jeremy Soule for these beautiful compositions.
Dedicated to my wife

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Audio Credits:

Title: Njól
Composer: Jeremy Soule
Album: The Northerner Diaries
Year: 2017
Track: 1 of 12
Oriinal Length: 5:49



Njól is Old Norse for “night”
Link to the pronunciation:


Audio Details

▶ Original Track Length 00:05:49.75347
▶ Specs: MP3, 320 kbps, 44 kHz, Joint Stereo

▶ Upsampled to: WAVE PCM signed 24 bit, 28 kHz, 2304 kbps, Stereo
▶ Nature of song puts possible Loop b/t: 00:03:35.28971 & 00:04:02.66665

▶ Duplicated (One: PARENT, one CHILD) the 2 WAV files. As the PARENT track will be cut from lead-out, backwards and the CHILD mixed over. It is a manual mix, with a crossfade (specifically a linear crossfade of the PARENT and the CHILD mixed where the song enters its reprise

▶ Honed in to 00:03:43.35629 faded out 00:03:47.62302 to paste
▶ This leaves 122.1 sec (statistically 35%) of the song cut, but its nature leave no easier loop.
▶ [Specifically, 00:03:47.62302 to 00:05:49.75348, removed]
▶ Track is now 00:03:47.62302 from the OEM 00:05:49.75348

▶ Trimmed about 1/2 a sec. (00:00:00.47927) of lead-i silence from the “Child” Track
▶ It stands at 00:05:49.27421, otherwise
▶ The song’s opening & 00:03:43.31554 sound similar; this is the place of the attempted loop
▶ Mixed CHILD onto PARENT at 00:03:43.32056

▶ Adding 00:05:49.27421, the track (looped once) is 00:09:32.59477 in length
▶ Set 00:02:04.76606 and 00:05:47.60735 as loop points;
▶ Loop is 222 sec. (00:03:42.84129)

▶ At 90 min. the loop was duplicated 23 times
▶ (Final Length: 01:31:15.10319)
▶ Wave PCM Signed 24 Bit, 48000 Hz, 2304 kbps, Stereo


Video Credits:

“Snowfield” video sample taken from 5 sec. and 22 frames, down to 3 sec. and 22 frames, trimming 1 second from each end of the clip in order to avoid repeat frames. Duplicated (over 1300 times), to cover the length of the song which is just over 90 minutes.

Both the opening “bear” video sample and “snowfield” video sample, taken from: BBC – Frozen Planet (2011) [1080p],
Episode 5 of 8 – ‘Winter”

Saved this clip at 1080p HD, still using 25 FPS, unfortunately, however, a FLAC file was not available for the audio. Changed video bitrate to 4 Mbps to accommodate high quality audio.

Final Render:
File Size: 2.75 GB
Render / Upload Time: 2 Hrs

Jeremy Soule: “The Northerner Diaries” – Full Album


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