Fake or reality.

Photos La Canadienne

When is reality real

or is it all fake…

I have seen something

resembling this on a wall

in the city, but artist did

not want it photographed

claiming it was not fully

finished, so I made my own

compo with a flower and

birds going to pick at the

flower.  Where the birds

could be a smoke hiding another

message or is it only my

distorted reality of something

that I believe I have seen……..

Fake or reality.
Northern Star

Inspiring Movie Soundtracks
0:00:00 EAGLE EYE: Loss of a Twin (Brian Tyler)
0:04:25 TRANSFORMERS: There is No Plan (Steve Jablonsky)
0:08:02 THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123: You A Yankees Fan? (Harry Gregson-Williams)
0:10:03 LORD OF THE RINGS: The Breaking of The Fellowship (Howard Shore)
0:18:10 TRANSFORMERS: There is No Plan (Steve Jablonsky)
0:24:18 PASSENGERS: End Titles (Edward Shearmur)
0:28:45 THE LAST SAMURAI: A Small Measure of Peace (Hans Zimmer)
0:36:44 LONE SURVIVOR: Lone Survivor (Steve Jablonsky)
0:40:23 THOR: Into Eternity (Brian Tyler)
0:44:01 GLADIATOR: Now We Are Free (Hans Zimmer)
0:52:10 TEARS OF THE SUN: Theme (Hans Zimmer)
1:00:52 JURRASIC PARK: Opening Titles (John Williams)
1:04:50 A BEAUTIFUL MIND: Looking for the Next Great Idea (James Horner)
1:07:52 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Injection (Hans Zimmer)
1:12:42 AVATAR: Becoming One Of ‘The People’ (James Horner)
1:20:25 INCEPTION: Time (Hans Zimmer)

Karl Jenkins – Adiemus

Un pensiero su “Fake or reality.

  1. “Adiemus”
    “Cantus Inaequalis”
    “Cantus Insolitus”
    “In Caelum Fero”
    “Cantus Iteratus”
    “Amaté Adea”


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